Make Any Seat A Comfortable Seat

How You Sit is Important

Wave Seating's Flow Cushion is for anyone who sits for extended periods of time — no matter the reason. Our technology provide a more comfortable seat and may also protect from health risks associated with extended periods of sitting.

A Healthier, More Comfortable Seat

Designed for a more comfortable seating experience, the Flow Cushion may also help prevent health concerns associated with extended time sitting.

  • Alternating Pressure

    Alternating pressure reduces pressure points and may help relieve seating fatigue.

  • Linear Sequential Compression

    Linear sequential compression may improve blood flow, reduce muscle cramping, and keep skin healthier.

  • Easily Portable

    A compact and portable design makes the Flow Cushion easy to take on the go.

  • Positive Airflow

    Positive airflow helps keep skin cooler and dryer for a safer, more comfortable position.

How It Works

The Flow Cushion's key features are designed with your health and comfort in mind.

  • Wavelike Motion

    May eliminate pressure points and improve blood flow.

  • Positive Airflow

    May help keep tissues cool and dry.

  • Improved Lateral Stability

    May help balance your body to assist with posture and prevent fatigue.


We saw great technology with excellent potential to impact millions of lives and a powerhouse leader.  We expect great things to come from this company.

Wave Therapeutics' innovative approach, commitment to leveraging technology, and passion and understanding of users' needs shines through. Their solutions have the potential to revolutionize the industry!